Circular on Fahrenheit Project Part 7 (Ultimae)

We are delighted to let you know that a new Circular track is featured on the compilation Fahrenheit Project Part 7.  The album will be out this month (May 2011) and we hope you guys out there will enjoy it! Other artists featured on the compilation are:Asura, Solar Fields, Scann-Tec, Field Rotation, Maurizio Piazza, Hol Baumann remixed by Max Million and talented newcomers to the Ultimae realm, Cygna, Gaiana and Astropilot.

The track is somewhat special to us with a unique sample of the Norwegian poet, Rolf Jacobsen, from his poem "Landskap med gravemaskiner" from the collection "Hemmelig Liv" (1954). We extend our warmest thanks to his son for allowing us to use excerpts from the magnificent poem.