Happy New Year!

We wish you all an incredible and outstanding New Year!  Thanks for your support and care.  It's because of you we keep doing this.  It's because of you we think this is so fun! 2010 has been a great year for us.  The highlight of the year was our live performance at the Ozora festival which was just terrific. The amount of response and feedback from you guys just propelled our enthusiasm sky high and we are delighted to be on the lineup for next year's festival as well. The first booked live gig we have in the new year is Nuit Hypnotique on the 12th of March. This will be a chill-based event consisting of  more down-beat music and we are preparing several new tracks for this event.  In addition we will show stunning aerial photography from Norway kindly provided to us by Fuglefjellet (please take a look at the Vimeo-clip below).

Hope to see you all on our live events in 2011!  Take care!

Bjarte & Jostein