New album - Moon Pool - is out

July was the glorious month our new album "Moon Pool" saw the light of day.  And what a thrill and a joy to present this album to you all.  It has been an overwhelming experience, to say the least.  We feel privileged and honoured to have such a fantastic audience! Thanks to all of you! Riding on a wave of inspiration, we are already busy creating new tracks.  So perhaps a new album could be ready already next year?  Stay tuned.

If you havent checked out "Moon Pool" - now is the time to do so.  Just click this link and you will be instantly transported to Ultimae´s Bandcamp page.


Circular - Moon Pool - July 2014 - Ultimae Records, FR

Circular - Moon Pool - July 2014 - Ultimae Records, FR

Circular at S.U.N. festival 2013

Being part of a new tradition is a fantastic honour and we felt history being written when we walked around the festival grounds. The atmosphere and vibe - such a kick!

Circular live at SUN 2013

We had a slot at 1600 hours, but fortunately our splendid team at Ultimae managed to move us to a later slot in the night.  That meant we got all the benefits from the dark - VJ visuals and lights - and full focus from the audience.  And what an audience! The response was such an emotional blast for us - truly inspiring and vitalising - giving us fresh energy for new countless hours of music making.  We love you to bits!   

A special warm hug to our Ultimae family that we got to spend quality time together with. Especially Mario (Cygna), Arnaud (Ultimae) and Sun (Ultimae) - huddled inside that hotel room - priceless moments that we will carry with us in our hearts.

See you next year in Hungary at S.U.N. 2014!